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7 Ways To Double, Triple Or Quadruple You Production In 2020.

Final Expense Leads - January 20, 2020
“7 Ways To Double, Triple Or Quadruple Your Production Starting In 2020!” I was speaking to an Insurance agent a while back and he asked me what I would do to build a base of 10-12 Insurance appointments per week. All must be started on a shoestring budget and where you can reinvest at least ...more

Secrets Of Two 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producers.

Final Expense Leads - August 15, 2019
Marketing and Sales Strategies of Two 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producer.   I hope you're having a great 2019 for production.   This last week  I spoke to two top-producing members  that wrote over 10 Million in annuity production in 2018 and we talked about all ...more
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Million Dollar Postcard...7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency.

Final Expense Leads - September 11, 2018
  7 Dynamite Ways To Build Your Agency Builder System In order to build your income we highly recommend you follow the following marketing strategies.  “Failure is not an option.” PLEASE NOTE: To get off to a fast start we recommend you start mailing out 100 handed address Yellow ...more

The $1500-A-Day Sales Formula.

Final Expense Leads - April 17, 2018
“Amazing Secret Discovered By A 63 Year Old Crippled Southern Florida Agent Adds $1500-A-Day To His Income…Eliminates Cold Calling And Everyone Calls Him For An Insurance Quote, Virtually Overnight!”   I recently received a phone call from Dave a Southern Florida Insurance Agent ...more

"The Greatest Money-Making Strategy in Marketing Of A High $6-Figure Annuity Agent"

Final Expense Leads - July 10, 2017
   "The Greatest Money-Making Strategy in Marketing Of A High $6-Figure Annuity Agent." Had one of our top members call me the other day and say that he is averaging about 11 appointments per month by mailing our monthly client newsletter with a return postcard to a list of ...more
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Your $10K Per Month Postcard Formula [Read now]

Final Expense Leads - June 14, 2017
Your $10K Per Month Formula [Read Now] Here's the formula a Florida agents uses to average 10K+ per month in commissions using widow leads, two appointment setters and pre approach postcards. 1. He sells final expense insurance, annuities and med supplements. 2. He advertised in his local ...more
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You May Be Sabotaging Your Insurance Business.

Final Expense Leads - April 15, 2017
Q. Who is sabotaging your success as an Insurance Advisor? ---Is it your secretary? ---The insurance company? ---Being a tight wade on marketing dollars? ---The competition? ---The lack of just DOING IT? I am here to tell you that you know this person very well, but sometimes you ...more
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The Power Of Million $$$ Testimonials.

Final Expense Leads - April 06, 2017
Secret Weapon #10: The Power Of Million $$$ Testimonials About You Have you ever heard the phrase, “What others say about you is 10,000 more powerful than what you say about yourself”? I know the effectiveness of a testimonial, yet I see very few advisors use them. This is why you ...more
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How I Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions!

Final Expense Leads - February 08, 2017
“How I Made $547,679 Last Year In Commissions”   Discover The “Secrets To A Six-Figure Income Producer” Using “The Ultimate Selling Systems”, And Have Interested, Qualified Prospects CALLING YOU…Using Amazing Marketing Strategies Never Before Revealed To You!”   I was recently ...more
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FREE VIDEO! 3 Amazing Secrets Discovered By A 76 Year Old Wheel Chair Bound Annuity Producer Made $175,657 Last Year!

Final Expense Leads - January 18, 2017
Postcard Marketing Genius Reveals Secrets To Put YOU Into the  $5,000-$15,000 Commission Market! A while back I was talking with one of our older PMR Members who was involved in a severe car accident, which resulted in a life changing disability that requires him to use a walker or wheel ...more
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