How To Build a "Million $$$ In Renewals In The Final Expense Market.




How To Build a "Million $$$ in Renewals" in the FINAL EXPENSE MARKET.

Here's a quick overview of how to do the above headline.

1. You need to have a big contract with commissions of at least 100+%
and renewals need to be 12%-15% for at least 10 years. A lifetime would be better.

2. You need to have at least 5-10 full-time agents under you where you offer a good lead source using my niche widow leads.

3. I made my money by recruiting dozens of agents and had at least 10 agents who were
full time and worked 40-50 widow leads Pink postcards week.
The Pink postcard tells the widow you will contact them with a quote and the "Peace-Of-Mind" kit.

4. The key is having a place and reason for these agents to make a call.  We found that working widows was a winner for us.  I have special software that compiles from 17 different sources all the widow leads you will ever need.

5. You can't make that kind of income buying $37 leads. You will go broke supplying your agents with
these leads. The average agent can burn through 15-20 leads per week. Yes, it would cost you
about $650 per week per agent.  "Not Going To Happen!"

6. I recruited all the agents I needed with an ad in the Regional Sunday newspaper.  Here's the ad:
"Insurance Agent Dream,  free daytime leads, call 800-999999. Ran the ad in 3-4 newspapers almost every Sunday. You can also use Craiglist and Zip Recruiter.

7. It's important for you to recruit agents who will make the call and working my $500-A-Day
Widow Postcard System.

8.  In 2013 Limra said that "65% of senior life policies were sold to widows."  Husbands indecisions
were no longer in effect.

9.  Also, using my "Peace-Of-Mind" kit as a door opener we averaged 3-5 referrals on every sale.

 Need help building a "Million $$$ Final Expense Agency" or to buy some niche widow leads go to:

Go forth and prosper,

Russ J. Jones

P.S. Need marketing advice and niche leads call 435-881-7138


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