How An Agent Sells A Million $$$ A Week Over The Phone Of Term Insurance


How To Sell A Million $$$ A Week Of Term Insurance With Everyone Calling You For A Quote.


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Learn how to have “Virtual Unlimited Leads.” Please note this system can be used Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, new car dealerships and any business that need leads and customers.


Recently, I was listening to a webinar where an Insurance agent was averaging $2500 plus a week of premium with a commission of 90%.


Hi, I’m Russ Jones known as the “Lead Junkie.”


I’m the creator of a number of course.

Here’s just a few.


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That’s enough about myself.


Let me give you an overview of what this multi-million $$$ producer does.


He has his teenage daughter who is going to college mailing out 200  bright-color Yellow post card per week to a list of unique and special type of business owners in his surrounding counties.


They have Staples print the postcards and she hand addresses the postcards while watching YouTube videos or on Facebook.


She also stamps in Red a “FINAL NOTICE” on each of the postcards on the address side. That gets the attention of business owners.


Then after 3-4 days she starts a 3-step selling process system.


Using  a special  SMS phone system that does text messages, ringless voice mail, email messages and a CRM system that also has a calendar for appointments build into the system.


His daughter who is experienced on the computer and internet run the system after school. Aren’t 90% of all teenagers today fit into this  knowledge base category?


Most of my grand children spend hours every day  after school on the computer playing  War Games, watching YouTube videos and doing Facebook while eating junk food.


You won’t see them outside playing most of the time.


Ok. Back to the system.


She loads the business owners into the system once a week and then starts the dripping campaign.


First, she sends about 200 text messages weekly with a unique message. The system can do 20 at a time and all she does is hit click  and they go out.


Then an hour later she does a ringless voice message with another unique recorded message. A ringless voice message goes to cell phones or a special phone system only without ringing the phone number.


The business owners who are interested in saving up to 30% on their insurance and would like to receive a quote for a million-dollar policy can call a special number or text pack as a lead inquiry.


The agent only talks to business owners who respond. They can also be come a “Live Transfer Lead.”


Again, his average week of production is a minimum of $2500.


Now here’s how you can double and triple the weekly production.


First, you hire a local teenager or a person in the Philippines at $4.00 per hour to run the whole system using my contacts in the Philippines. I’ve found with a little bit of training via email and Zoom most Filipinos telemarketers are tech savvy can run this whole system for you.


The ones I’ve received resumes from  have a four year college degree and some even have master degrees in computer science.


I recommend paying  the Filipinos $4 per hour and a bonus on every sell you make of $50 to $100.


I’ve found them very honest and very knowledge and very educated on the computer and internet.


Please note: If the current administration in 2021 demands a $15 mininum wage for everyone in USA you won’t be able to afford a teenager to run this system.


Second, you go after business owners, professionals and wealthy contractors who are on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin.


You have your Filipino virtual assistant do daily posting your messages for free and get in front of a lot of leads.

We have access to special software that will do it all for you.


Also, I have special software I use to create weekly videos and post them on YouTube for free.  Your watching the software in action right now. The software is at I can pound out a video in under 6 minutes and make it worldwide. It’s only a small monthly charge and I’ve had an ROI of at least 2,000 percent monthly.


It’s a no brander of free leads from YouTube.


Third, you can also program the phone system to generate leads for Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Car Dealership and other businesses looking to get customers and clients.


I know a man in Las Vegas who makes over $10,000 a month selling leads to these business owners.


I also have access to unique text messages, ringless voice mail messages for these businesses.


This could easily be  an extra profit center you can implement into the system. It would give you monthly residual income if you took time to learn the system.


You can also sell the leads or charge a monthly service of $500 to $1500 a month depending on amount of leads they want you to generate.


I know several digital marketing agencies who charge up to $3500 a month for generating leads and internet traffic. For their clients.


Or you can use my lead sources and generate leads for 10 cents and sell them for $20 to other insurance agents. Or you can sell them for up to $50 to car dealerships, real estate agents, mortgage and loan brokers.


Think about it for a minute. A new car dealership makes a minimum of $2,000 per car sale, a real estate agent makes $4,000 to $8,000 when they sell a home and a mortgage broker averages $3,000 per sale.

Many will gladly pay $50 for a hot lead.


Of course, they were not hit as hard as insurance agents during the Covid-19 crisis.


I’ve put together a special video for you to learn more. Just go to


If you have questions after watching the next video call me at



I have a special bonus for you. I spend 14 months putting together a complete course on Social Media Lead System. I call it “Social Media GOLD Course.” It covers Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Google and Bing ads and how to get free traffic for your business. Plus, how to get up to $50,000 of business credit for your business.


It has over 200 videos from experts and influencer’s in  social media. Plus, a ton of additional printed marketing material.


If you spend 20 minutes a day studying this course you could become an expert in 90 days. Well, maybe a semi expert. Better yet have your Filipino virtual assistant learn and study Social Media GOLD Course and then increase her pay.


Many of them are already an expert in social media, but you would have to pay them maybe $6 per hour.


Th normal price of the Social Media GOLD Course is $997.00. However, if you sign up for the Phone Blaze Pro system the course is free.


Don’t believe me check out my website.


You can view it at


Plus, here’s the second bonus for you. I have 11 different sales funnels I created for insurance agents and additional ones for real estate brokers, and mortgage lenders and other professions you will have access to when you signup. This is a $8,000 value if you had to have some website created these sales funnels.



Believe me, web developers in India charge $1,000 to $1500 for a website. In addition, it takes several weeks.


With this bonus you can clone these sales funnels in minutes and customize with your name and picture on them.

However, you will need account with click funnels to host your website and sales funnels. You can get a 14 free trial at


Third bonus you will receive 2,000 niche business owners in your region loaded into the system. (Value $997.00)

Fourth bonus you will receive our scripts for your business and for other business who you may want to generate leads. (Value $997.00)


That’s a $11,000 Bonus for the first 10 agents who order our system.


These bonuses are a limited Time offer and can be discontinued at anytime.



Thank you for watching the video and you can get the links again in the description below.


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