How An Agent Made $487,000 In Commissions Giving Term Quotes And Tax-Free Income Plans. (Over The Phone)


How An Agent Made $487,000 In Commissions Giving Term Quotes And Tax-Free Income Plans. (Over the Phone)


Hi, I’m Russ Jones. Better known as the Lead Junkie.


If you are looking to double, triple, or QUADRUPLE your income in the next 12 months then watch this short video.

Check out this short video.


Great for Final Expense Leads, Term Quotes and IUL’s.

A Texas agent has built up a sizable income by selling $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 term quotes and also Tax-Free Income plans all over the phone.


If you stay to the end I’ll give you some secret phases his three telemarketers use that helped him make $487,000 in commissions over the last 12 months.


Here are the seven steps he uses.


Number #1: He hired three experienced telemarketers from to call for six hours per day. Uses a powerful script.


Number #2: His secretary mails out 300-500 unique postcards offering quotes for $500,000 to $1,000,000. It has his sales funnel and 800 number on it.


Number #3: He uses a  calling lead list of wealthy people and business owners with incomes of over $100,000 an age 35 to 55.


Number #4: He has a team dialer with Golden Prospector that allows him to have 3-5 experienced telemarketers dialing at the same time. He can listen to their calls when their calling for final expense leads or term quotes.


Number #5: He has two part-time housewives who he helped get licensed who help with “Live Transfers” overflow. They get a lower commission because he pays for the “Live Transfers.”


Number #6:  He uses insurance companies that do up to 3 million without a physical and in all his presentations he talks about alternative Tax- Free Income Plans. Also, for Final Expense Leads.


Number #7: He uses a term insurance sales funnel, video, and email autoresponder that drips on all non-buyers over a 30 days period.


Now here are your secrets I promised.


The telemarketers who are well-trained use key phrases like:


•          We specialize in saving business owners and other professionals up to 70% on their insurance protection.

•          We have plans from $500,000 to $3 Million to protect your family.

•          You would like to hear more about having a Tax-Free Income Plan for retirement. Wouldn’t you.

•          Are you still in pretty good health.  Any serious problem.

•          How much could you save a month for retirement or protection. Can you do $100 a month, $200 or $300?

•          Do you have a few minutes where I can transfer you to a quote specialize.


Then they transfer the call.


What’s good about this phone script is it qualifies the prospect and the closing average is about 30%.


If you want to build your practice to a higher level check out:


Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones




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