FINAL EXPENSE LEADS! Newbie Agent Makes $2500 A Week Using Postcard.


SUBJECT: How A Newbie Agent Makes $2500 A Week Using Postcards.

How A New Agent Averages $2500 A Week  In commissions Using Postcards for Under $50 Per Week.


Had an agent call me last week and he was so excited about the final expense market.


For the last two months he has been calling on widows 70 and over that have had their vaccine shot for Covid-19.


I told him several months ago that he should be working the over 70 market because 95% have had at least their first vaccines for Covid.


We both realized that 85% of other agents have been seating on the sideline not knowing what to do for the last year.


Most final expense agents are broke and they can’t afford to mail a thousand direct mail pieces a week for $425 per 1,000. Get 5 to 10 leads and  if lucky sell three policies.



So, I told him he should be using my $500-A-Day Postcard System. Mail 50 postcards a week to widows 70 and over and then go out three days later and hand delivery our “Peace-Of-Mind Kit” and offer to give them a quote for final expense using my door approach that has up to 65% appointment rate.


He works small neighborhoods using my niche widow leads.

For example, First Street, Second Street and Third Street.


Averages 3-4 interviews a day and averages $500 a day in commissions.


He also uses my referral system to get 3-4 referrals on every sale.


If you may be struggling for the last year to make a good income you may want to try this system.


To learn more, go to


I made over 1.2 million in renewals using this same system.

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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