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Lead Junky Reveals His Amazing True Story

I had just received a letter from the state director over my insurance agency telling me in two short paragraphs that we were going in different directions and that I was terminated from the Insurance Company.


This couldn’t be happening to me! I had the number one insurance agency in the company, with eight full-time insurance agents, including myself, that I kept fully stocked with weekly sales leads.

I immediately drove down to my insurance office only to find that the office had been completely cleared out by my manager, who I had recruited into the business. Not only that, all my leads were gone, including my own personal stash. I later found out they had divided my territory and given it to three different managers. (Yes, believe it or not, insurance companies can be greedy and sometimes care very little about an insurance agent’s welfare.)

I was devastated

My personal overhead every month was about $5,000. I needed that amount to pay for my 4,500 square foot home and for my brand new Cadillac that the state director talked me into buying so I could impress the agents in my agency. My wife and kids started panicking, wondering from where the income was going to come. I had a healthy monthly income coming in, but when I was terminated I still owed $25,000 on my debit balance to the company. This meant no more income until I paid off the debt.

You may find this hard to believe. We had very little in savings because we seemed to always spend up to our limit. Plus, our credit card debts were quite high due to building and paying for a new home. This all happened at the wrong time.

I was really in trouble

That afternoon, after breaking down and crying from the stress I was under, I thought about ending my insurance career. However, because I am a fighter, I decided to regroup by calling the president of a major insurance company who had been trying to recruit me for months. He flew out the next day and said he would pay off my debit balance of $25,000 from the other insurance company. Of course I agreed. It would take at least 30 days before I started getting my monthly checks from my old company.

Thank the Lord for senior citizen Centers

My situation was simple. I didn’t have any leads and I couldn’t contact my old clients because I feared that my old insurance company wouldn’t pay me my future commissions if I did.

I knew the best area for selling insurance was two hours from my home, and I knew where several senior citizen centers were. You know, the ones that are two or more stories high. Please understand, I knew a tremendous amount about marketing and generating leads, and I had compiled marketing systems from dozens of top insurance agents, but I had been cut off from my own lead source and I didn’t have the funds to start generating new leads. A few agents may relate to my problem.

The three magic words

Let me tell you what I did to start getting back on my feet. I took my one inch sales binder and went to a senior citizen center. On the front door was a list of about a hundred seniors who lived in the center. All I did was copy a few of the names down, rang one of the occupants on the top floor, and used the following introduction.

Hello, Mrs. Whitehead, I have the information you responded to in regards to cutting your taxes. I want to apologize for not contacting you sooner, but I promised the President of our company I would personally come out and see if I could be of service to you. May I come up??She of course pushed the buzzer to let me in. I had been mailing this center my postcards and fliers for months, so I thought that everyone in the center had received my postcards and had responded by getting it out of the mail drop. (I use the word responded loosely.) The magic words are responded, apologize and promised. You’ll be amazed at the response you’ll receive from prospects if you can work these words into your opening remarks.

The combination of the senior citizen center and my unique introduction gave me a great place to sell insurance and annuities. I would call on apartment 310 and then go down four or five doors, knock on the door, and then go to the next floor. I spent four days working that center. I ended up eating lunch with lots of great seniors in the cafeteria. I felt like family and still made a half dozen sales.

I immediately took part of my commission and bought a special mailing list with 2,000 names of seniors in walk sequence with incomes of $60,000 and over. I printed one of my award-winning postcards and started mailing out to my special list of seniors.

Within 30 days of having been devastated by the state director I was now running around town with 65 to 75 fresh senior citizen leads in a shoe box laying on my front seat.

Million Dollar Producer with a Walker!

I met Ray over 20 years ago at an Insurance marketing Conference in Las Vegas which I was attending. I went into the hotel conference lunch room and after getting my lunch I spotted a table that was about the only table open where a man was sitting eating his lunch. I noticed that there was a walker by his chair, and I was told later he used it due to Arthritis and other health problems. After joining him at the table we struck up a conversation about marketing. After some small talk he started talking how over the years he had sold millions of dollars in financial services. He went on to say how he used a unique “ 3 step business building tool” used for over 80 years in another industry.

He wanted to talk about how he built client relationships using sequential marketing strategies, and I was sucking this knowledge up like a vacuum cleaner on steroids.

I had finally found the final piece of the puzzle.

As we talked, the more I started getting mesmerized by his amazing story and how he had developed these unpublished “insider marketing” secrets that he was using. He also, went on to explain how he used a “3-Step Sequential Marketing System” that he could turn on or off to produce more leads than he could handle.

(A little foot note here: If you’re not using sequential marketing and mailing in your business you’re losing at least 60-70% of additional revenue.)

He went on to say…it was an incredible “Client Attraction System” that anyone who knew the system could implement in less than a week in their business.

When he said that, he had me hooked like a fat old trout on one of my son’s fishing hooks, and I pleaded for him to tell me more….you see, I had been working and testing my own sequential direct mail automated system.

He went on to say that he discovered the Insurance business really is an easy business…once you know the REAL true principals of marketing and once you had the proper marketing tools and principals in place.

Finally, I said I needed to take a few notes. I grabbed the first thing I could find, which was a stained and somewhat used paper napkin. He went on to outline a number of principals that he had used in his previous sales industry to becoming one of the top dogs in the Insurance Industry.

What he was explaining to me was he had a “3 Step Formula” which generated qualified leads and appointments where ever prospect called him for an appointment.

We talked for about 45 minutes and we ended when the conference officials announced that the next seminar was starting. We parted and exchanged sales cards and I told him I would like to call him to discuss some ideas I had on marketing. He agreed and we both went our separate ways...

"Insider Marketing Secrets for Using Postcards"

Well, time went on and over a period of months we communicated via the phone. I was still excited about learning more about his system. I assured him since we lived over a 1,000 miles apart that I wouldn't be his competition Finally, I was able to convince him to mail me samples of his marketing system what I refer to now as the “3-Steps To Multi-Million Dollar Production” which at that time I had only a rough idea of the contents. He told me it was only in loose leaf form and he had a lot of notes and changes on it. I said, “I didn’t care if it was on used toilet paper, and I was happy with anything he would send me. I told him I had five hungry kids to support and needed a mentor to help me.

I thought that might weaken him enough to part with his system.

Well a number of months went by and I didn't hear from him again, nor did I receive his package...

My Amazing True Story…

Finally, a number of months later I received a loose leaf package that I had been requesting from this agent I met in Las Vegas.

This came the same day, my family and I were leaving for our annual vacation to America’s most beautiful lake, Lake Tahoe. It’s nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains between California and Nevada. We planned on staying in a friend’s cabin and basking in the sun for a week. So, having just received this marketing information, and I hadn’t had the time to read it yet, I decided to take it with me.

I don’t expect you to believe a word of what I’m telling you. That is why I am going to back up everything that I’m telling you with irrefutable proof. When you finish reading this report, you’ll know beyond any doubt that by using my “Ultimate Insurance System” will help you generate a steady flow of leads, with dozens of qualified prospects calling.


During the first afternoon while my wife and children were playing and swimming in the water, I started reading my friend’s information package he mailed me while drinking a soft drink lying on the beach. I nearly choked on my soft drink when I realized that I could easily start using his sequential mailing marketing material for generating a ton of qualified leads using cheap little postcards and sales letters.

I discovered the “missing marketing link” that day at Lake Tahoe California. I had just discovered an automated marketing system that would allow me to Out-Pace, Out-Sell, Out-Promote, Out-Perform and Out-Strategize every other Insurance agent competitor in my small town I lived and worked.

I had just discovered a system that would allow me to use my marketing talents, to have a way to be in full control of my destiny. I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait to try out my newfound marketing discovery.

My Discovery was Eerie

When we returned to the cabin I retreated to the privacy of my bedroom and let my thoughts wander about this discovery. After thinking about this new marketing system for a few minutes, I jumped up, grabbed a pen, and started writing on my yellow notepad. The more I wrote, the more vivid my own system became. It was eerie. I still get goose bumps just thinking about it. It was almost as though the plan had taken on a life of its own.

You have to remember I’d spent many thousands of dollars on different marketing courses and attending seminars in my industry. So after studying marketing and business strategies for many years, I knew I had something HOT!

In any case, just two hours later it was finished. There it was right before me, a business-marketing plan that was so incredible simple and easy to follow that I could hardly wait to put it to the test. I had developed my own 3-Step automated mailing system which I refer to as the “3-Steps to Multi-Million Dollar Production™” for generating a ton of quality Insurance leads. However I had to test it...


However, after sharing my new "3-Step System" with my wife (who was tired of me staying in the cabin attic bedroom and not being with the family), her only comment was, I needed to stick with my current marketing system for generating Insurance leads and stop dreaming about some new approach. Even my wife had said many times, “if we only had half the money you have spent on seminars, books and marketing course we would be rich…

Of course I didn’t let her comment stop me because I was on a mission, and I’m so thankful I went ahead with the testing my new system. Why? Because 10 days later after testing my new system and getting qualified prospects who all called me… I wrote in commissions using my new system…hold your breath…


“Wow! It must be a lucky break! A fluke,” I thought to myself… Maybe I just lucked out, but if you think that’s great, it got even better! But exactly 8 days later I made another…


To say it honestly, I was amazed because I was working the system only a few hours a day. Usually I would work 10 hour days. I hadn’t even worked that hard or put in a whole lot of hours. Maybe I just lucked out, but if you think that’s great, it got even better!

The fact is, I worked smart not hard! This is one of the things I’ll tell you about later. When you think about it, isn’t that how all-successful people operate?

But that’s just part of the story. As I was testing and perfecting my marketing system, in one 12-day span I made…


Sounds incredible! My calculator says that averages out to $1280.71 a day. All from using cheap little postcards that back in those days only cost 21 cents for the stamp.

IT GOT EVEN BETTER! I was able to say goodbye to working long hours in the Insurance business and started running 3-4- pre-screen appointments per day. I was able to spend more time with my family and do what I enjoyed doing, such as playing golf, skiing and taking short 3 day vacations.

Now for the rest of the story?

Wrote 56 Life Policies in One Month

I’ll never forget the experience I learned when I was only 33 years old and was involved in selling some senior life policies in California. I wrote 56 Life policies in the month of October and broke the company record that stood for many years. I even made the cover of our Insurance newsletter with a full blown color picture of myself. Big deal my wife told me and said get out and make some more money to feed our children.

You see, I had 200 leads in my front seat all rubber banded for different zip codes in the town of Vallejo, Napa and South San Francisco, California. The first week of October I gave 25 presentations and sold 20 life policies. You can say I was on a roll…

And here’s the kicker…By accident the mailing company mailed the same zip codes 3 times in a 30 Day period. To this day I’m not sure how this happen mailing the same zip code every 10 days over 3 times in a 30 day period.

Here’s what I discovered by accident…my response rate increased every time the zip code was mailed over those 30 days.

What’s the moral of the story…I found out that the more you mail an area your return doesn’t go down…it increases. In fact, I have proven to myself time and time again that with sequential mailing “frequency builds trust” is a truism.

Let’s pause right here just for a moment…

One Call Close Technique

Back in those days I usually had 2-3 leads on a street…I was selling Senior life policies of $4,000 to $8,000 per client. My presentation was short and I copied the presentation of an older salesman who trained me in the business by the name of Whitney Clingingsmith. (I’m not kidding…That was his name.) He always dressed in a three piece suit and he looked like a funeral director. In fact, many people thought he was one.

Our presentation was short…I had developed over the years a “One Call Close” and seven powerful closing phrases that I used throughout my Insurance career. I modified it somewhat when I started selling annuities to seniors.

Here’s just one example of my “One Call Closing Technique.”

“Mrs. Charles, we need to take an application on our first visit and get you happily enrolled in the program. Once I have your plan I will come back and go over it in detail and you will have 30 days right to examine the plan and if for whatever reason you felt you’re not ever going to die…and as you know…no one has a lease on life, I’ll refund your full first deposit, Fair enough? What’s your Social Security number? (I would just shut up and have my pen ready to write with my head down”

I remember once, I had an elderly lady sitting there for 10 minutes without saying a word after using this close on her. She finally said OK!

That one close along with my unique lead generating systems helped me build a multi million dollar Insurance Agency.

I also learned from Clingingsmith how to turn one lead on a street into 3-4 leads. That’s where I learned the magic word responded.

153 Leads Per Week…

When I lived in California and just before moving to Utah I had 10 full time agents including myself all working leads. In fact, we generated an average of 153 leads per week using my system that I will show you later in this letter. You can appreciate how hard it is to have that many agents working full time on leads.

I was also known in my agency as a “lead junkie” and always had 50+ leads in my front seat of my car in a beat up old shoebox. Yes, you’re right I invested a lot of money in lead generating.

Here’s a side note…everyday I have agents call me who don’t have a clue how to generate leads like I’ve done in my Insurance career. They are totally depended upon someone else or company to generate leads for them.

If you’re in this position…don’t worry I’m about to change all that for you…GUARANTEED!

It’s not your fault. Since the day you got into this business, you’ve been taught to “prospect” or “market” in ways that simply DO NOT WORK, NEVER HAVE WORKED, AND NEVER WILL WORK! Why? Because everything they teach insurance professionals to do to get clients is pushy, obnoxious, and embarrassing.

Getting Prospects To Call YOU Is Easy…If You Know The Secret Formula!

You see, success at getting clients, has everything to do with understanding the real secrets of direct response marketing…and nothing to do with cold calling, forcing clients to “give up” the names of friends and relatives, sending out mailers offering road atlases, etc. Yes, whether you’re a first year rookie, or a thirty year beat up veteran, you will love to never again talk to anyone unless they have CALLED YOU!

If you serious about doubling your income in the next 90 days just check out the marketing system below. If you have questions on marketing or have your own story you would like to share give us a call at 435-563-4749.

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